Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's resolutions IT

New Year's resolutions IT

Ahh yes the new year is upon us, and here are some thinking that I will be planning to change in my Dev Self improvements. This post is not strictly speaking technical in any way, but I took a Christmas time off posting on the blog and it would be nice to write something from time to time.

So let's start:

1. Be better at what I do, and be even more passionate about development & math.

2. Get into Android and Java in general a little bit more.

3. Finish my personal web site, and after some time move posting there, and add a language change feature!.

4. Start learning php as the site is hosted on a php only server, so far so good but php it's total chaos to me so I need to develop some good practices.

5. Finish my Object Oriented Db Engine that I write for my BH degree (It's going to be awesome :-) ).

6. Release a new version of InternalClasses project rather then hold it up and force ppl to download from sources.

7. Get into Forex option trading, I was always fascinated by such financial instruments and how to use math to try to predict something, besides this will further expand my financial knowledge and help me understand the architecture behind trading systems.

8. Expand my current domain knowledge (Insurance systems, banking, security systems).

9. Get into C# NET 4.0 and it's new features and start using them covariance and contravariance in generics comes to mind, as this is probably the best feature of the net NET. I don't care about dynamic and default values though the first is appropriate in COMs the second isn't that important.

10. Start a freelance consulting & recruitment company :-)

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